Dry & Scaly Skin Treatments?

Answer Dry and scaly skin must be nurtured in several ways. Simple moisture creams and lotions from the drug store may not be effective or may contain chemicals and preservatives that irritate extremely d... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Scaly Skin?

Scaly skin often occurs as a result of dryness. If your skin is scaly, you must take steps to hydrate it. Although anyone may get scaly skin from time to time, it is more likely to occur on those w... Read More »

Why are spots on my skin getting dry&scaly?

When skin becomes dry, it can peel, crack and itch. It feels rough and the lines become more defined. Dry skin is a very common condition that may affect all ranges of people including those with n... Read More »

How to Prevent Scaly Skin?

Scaly skin can be uncomfortable at best. Typically it evolves from very dry skin, which can be itchy and irritating. Scaly skin often turns red and forms patches on the skin and can be difficult to... Read More »

Remedies for Scaly Skin?

Dry, scaly skin usually isn't a serious condition, but it can be irritating. Skin that is unable to retain moisture becomes chapped and looks dehydrated. Most cases are a result of controllable env... Read More »