Dry Marinades for Chicken?

Answer Although there are various ways to prepare chicken, when lacking tasty seasonings, chicken dishes can easily become boring. Don't become over accustomed to using basic seasonings, like just salt an... Read More »

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Marinades for Tenderloins?

Beef or pork tenderloins are highly desired cuts of meat in that it they are tender, juicy and quick-cooking. Enhance a tasty tenderloin by marinating it in a flavorful marinade before roasting or ... Read More »

Good Marinades for Shrimp?

Making marinades at home is a simple way to liven up dull ingredients. Marinades for shrimp not only add flavor, they also help to keep the shrimp juicy during cooking. Most marinades use an acid, ... Read More »

How to Inject Marinades Into Smoked Meats?

You can inject marinades into smoked meat to keep it tender, moist and full of flavor. The slow smoking process has a tendency to dry out most cuts of meat. Marinade injectors send seasoned liquids... Read More »

Does anyone know if longhorn marinades there steaks?

Pineapple juice. It breaks down connective tissue and makes for tenderness