Dry Eyelids Treatment?

Answer Dry eyelids can be uncomfortable and itchy. In addition, dry eyelids can be very unsightly and especially enhanced by the application of makeup. There are several tips to help rid yourself of dry e... Read More »

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Puffy Eyelids Treatment?

Fluid retention, allergies, age, fatigue and some medical conditions can result in puffy eyelids, which will prevent you from looking your best. Fortunately, you don't have to purchase a high-price... Read More »

How to Brighten Eyelids?

During the warmer months, makeup gets lighter and colors become more vibrant. One way to brighten up the entire face is to lighten up eyelids and add some shimmer. Instead of looking tired and dull... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyelids?

Puffy eyelids are characterized by the appearance of swollen eyelids, dry and itchy eyes and difficulty opening the eyes due to swelling around the corners or tops of the eyelids. While chronically... Read More »

How to Get Glossy Eyelids?

There are different ways you can use make up to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and face. Glossy eyelids can brighten smaller eyes or illuminate darker eye colors. Eye shadow with glitter c... Read More »