Dry Eyelids Treatment?

Answer Dry eyelids can be uncomfortable and itchy. In addition, dry eyelids can be very unsightly and especially enhanced by the application of makeup. There are several tips to help rid yourself of dry e... Read More »

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Puffy Eyelids Treatment?

Fluid retention, allergies, age, fatigue and some medical conditions can result in puffy eyelids, which will prevent you from looking your best. Fortunately, you don't have to purchase a high-price... Read More »

How to See Through Your Eyelids?

Have you ever wondered if you could close your eyes and STILL be able to see through them? Well, trust me, its possible! Learn how to see through your eyes, and do it right, so you can actually tel... Read More »

Could it mean anything if your eyelids are dry?

On One Hand: Blepharitis an Eye ConditonThe eyelids are part of the body's skin and can dry out just like the rest of the skin. If the skin is dry, it can block the glands that produce tears to lub... Read More »

Little holes in eyelids?

They are actually pores and not glands. They are called lacrimal punctums. You have one on each eyelid. One on the upper, one on the lower both left and right eyes. They are small openings where yo... Read More »