Dry Desert Soil Types?

Answer Dry deserts receive less than 20 inches of water per year. Lack of rainfall and irrigation play a role in determining a soil's texture, color and acid levels. Other factors like parent rock materia... Read More »

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Desert Tree Types?

Trees that live in a desert habitat are adapted to hot, dry conditions during the day and cold temperatures at night. Many tree species are armed with thorns to discourage deer and other leaf eate... Read More »

Types of Desert Decorative Rock?

Desert decorative rock holds an important role in the water-minimizing landscape designs that are popular in American desert regions. Decorative rock can act as mulch, conserving precious water, ad... Read More »

Types of Desert Tortoises in New Mexico?

New Mexico is a state that consists mostly of desert but also has several mountainous ranges and rivers and lakes as well. The state has a wide range of indigenous animals and is home to several sp... Read More »

5 Types of Soil?

Soil is the most important consideration when growing plants. All types of soils contain solid materials and open space. The solid material includes minerals and organic matter. The open space allo... Read More »