Drunk or high Whats better, I've never been drunk but I've been high and it's great weed high?

Answer I can't say whether one is better than the other. Two different feelings. I've had some awesome times being drunk. And some awesome times being high. It depends on whether you wanna feel chill, sle... Read More »

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Whats the difference between the high feeling and the drunk feeling?

A drunk feeling is like everything is right. Like, everything you say or do feels perfect and you feel socially amazing. As for the high, it depends on the drug. Some, like weed for example make yo... Read More »

Why can't i get drunk or high?

Its because you must have strong senses, the chemicals in weed wont pass through you as well as they should, as for the alcahol? Drink straight spirrits and half way through a bottle you should fee... Read More »

I am in high school and have drunk?

That's just part of highschool! Everybody is experimenting with alcohol and unfortunately some get into drugs. It's good that you are being smart about it because most people aren't. I got drunk fo... Read More »

Does stoned mean drunk, as well as high?