Drug testing in schools any comments good or bad?

Answer Mixing blood types will not any impact on the health of a child, only the resultant inherited blood type. This particular mix will produce a child with an A pos or A neg or O pos or O neg blood group.

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Mandatory Drug Testing in Schools?

Mandatory drug testing in schools is controversial. Some believe the policy lowers the use of illegal or illicit drugs in schools. This, supporters believe, makes schools safer for all students. Ot... Read More »

About Drug Testing in High Schools?

Drug testing in U.S. public schools has been a common practice since 1995, when the practice was approved by the U.S. Supreme Court. Originally the law approved the use of random drug screening fo... Read More »

The Effects of Drug Testing in Schools?

There has been a debate over the positive and negative effects of drug testing in schools. When students consume an illegal drug, urine samples can contain trace elements of the drug, which allows ... Read More »

How to Support Drug Testing in Schools?

School children are particularly vulnerable to drugs. Being too young to fully understand the consequences of using drugs, some children fall victim to drug dealers. When at an early stage, drug ad... Read More »