Drug questions (as in more than one and the good drugs not the bad)?

Answer 1. Not 100% safe: true. However, they also (should) have a good side (stop a disease) so we have to weigh the good against the bad2, Teenager taking Viagra. The same effect as when an adult take... Read More »

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How can you fail a drug test without doing drugs?

Well I think you will pass the drug test .Don't worry be happy.

How do you rid drugs from your body before a drug test?

peee alot... lolz, just speculation. can always try though

Can prescription drugs cause me to fail a drug test?

On One Hand: Prescription Drugs Are IdentifiableDrug testing can be used to identify nearly any drug taken by a person being tested, prescription or otherwise. Drug testing is undergone for a numbe... Read More »

How to Study the Chemistry of Pharmacological Drugs to Become a Drug Designer?

The art of drugs design which has pharmacological effect is a specialization in the area of pharmaceutical industry. This area of science requires solid scientific skills in both chemistry and medi... Read More »