Dropped my phone in the toilet, now it wont work?

Answer You've probably fried it now by trying to charge it.What you should have done was take the battery and sim out, then placed it on a towel above a radiator for a few days.If you want a flippant answ... Read More »

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How to get a phone to work after it has been dropped in the toilet?

there is hope..mine was washed AND dried. I just took it apart to let it dry on the inside and now it works.

I dropped my phone in the toilet and now the touch screen doesnt work?

You need to try Silica Gel Packets to dry out your phone. There was a good article on that explains how to dry a wet cell phone, iPods, or any electronics. You need to place y... Read More »

I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. Is there some way to make it contine to work properly?

What should I do if I dropped my phone in the toilet?

AHHHH i did that with my rumor well i put it in rice cuse it absorbses the liquid then like after u have that in it over night keep it on a charger and after a while it should work and if it doesn'... Read More »