Droped my itouch in water!! omgg!?

Answer You're doing the right thing. Leave it in the rice for another 24 hours and then take it out and shake it again. More water will come out. Then leave it in the rice over night and shake it again. W... Read More »

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I droped my cell phone in the water :(?

You should have taken out the battery quickly, and dry it off. Try this place it on the dash of your car today with the windows up in the sun and it will dry out and might work. It did for me. Befo... Read More »

Droped my cell phone in water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

you will probably need to get it replaced. For future reference, take the battery off to let it dry and take it apart as much as possible.** When you take it in to get replaced, first take the batt... Read More »

I droped my cell phone in the water?

don't put it in the microwave!!!take a towelput battery and the open cell on towel in a sunny spot in room.leave for a few daysit should work if not take it back to the store. i hope u have a warra... Read More »

I am so stupid, I dropped my iTouch in a tub of water yesterday. Help?

shut it off right away and remove any access covers it has. set it down in front of a fan and turn it around and over every couple of hours for the next day or so. What you are trying to do is ge... Read More »