Driving up hills in a car?

Answer What do you mean 'not enough time to apply the handbrake'?Leave more room from the car in front. If you are in a queue drive a little slower with more space and give yourself time. Learn clutch and... Read More »

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Arden Hills driving test?

I actually did fail at the arden hills closed course once, like 7 years ago. passed in Plymouth, finally. yeah, they're harder than average. don't plan on failing but consider a different course if... Read More »

What car was Lisa vanderpump driving on a episode of real housewives of Beverly hills?

What is the differance between urban driving -extra urban driving and -combined driving?

urban driving is driving in town/cityextra urban driving is the new phrase for driving in the country andcombined driving is the average mpg of both of the above.

If your driving your own vehicle you get into an accident while driving to work are you covered by worker compensation?

Answer Most likely yes, but what do you want to be covered for? Unless you made a material misrepresentation about how you would be using your vehicle to your insurance company. In my occupation ... Read More »