Driving Schools for the Visually Impaired?

Answer People with low vision or those who are visually impaired have special requirements before they can be allowed to drive in their respective states. Currently, 39 states grant driver's licenses to t... Read More »

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Accommodations for the Visually Impaired in Schools?

Low-tech and high-tech accommodations can benefit both low-vision and legally blind students. At the K-12 level, students need to learn about accommodations suitable for their needs and ways to ad... Read More »

Visually Impaired Students in Public Schools?

Visually impaired or blind students have various educational options. Some facilities, such as North Carolina's Governor Morehead School for the Blind, not only work in conjunction with the public ... Read More »

Co-Curricular Activities for the Visually Impaired in Schools?

Co-curricular activities are a valuable part of any student's education, and the same holds true for students who are visually impaired. Activities, whether they are linked to athletics, music, spe... Read More »

Extracurricular Activities in Schools for Visually Impaired Students?

It's important that schools do everything they can to allow visually impaired children to have access to the same educational opportunities that children without visual impairments have. With suppo... Read More »