Driver for Kodak Pakon F235 plus film scanner for windows 2000 or windows XP?

Answer I'm sure someone on the Rangefinder Forums has the software.…

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Where can i find artec 48u e+ scanner driver for both windows vista and windows 7 thank you.?

Looks like artec went belly up prior to these OSs.Have you tried using the XP drivers?ADD: Holy SH!T! You're right, this is a PITA!My artec 1236 works fine in XP. But just for kicks, I tried settin... Read More »

Kodak esp1.2 printer scanner compatible with Sony Vaio Windows 8 SVEZS2/EO?

Unfortunately, my friend, the Kodak website don't appear to have Windows 8 drivers available for your printer.

Who can give help with ACER 650P SCANNER DRIVER FOR XP WINDOWS?

According to Google, the ACER 650P is a CD ROM drive.You need the Make & Model number of your Scanner. Then, go to the manufacturer's website and look for the scanner's XP drivers in the appropri... Read More »

Installation of Hp 5590 scanner on windows 2000 pc?

Here is the link for your driverLook towards the middle of the page and you wil see "Download HP Driver"…It should work now. :) If not email me, i will get... Read More »