Drive-Thru Ideas?

Answer Most people are familiar with drive-thru coffee at fast-food restaurants and drive-thru ATM banking. The possibilities are endless when you consider all of the services that could be provided to c... Read More »

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Drive-thru pharmacies?

I think the major reason for the drive thru pharmacy is prescriptions. However, if you are already picking up something, you can add it to your order.

How to Practice Drive Thru Etiquette?

Restaurant "drive-thrus"[1] are essential and convenient for people who want a quick snack or who wish to avoid the long lines inside a fast food restaurant. However, there are some basic etiquette... Read More »

Can you use coupons in drive thru in MD's?

Yeah, but tell them you have a coupon WHILE ordering. Don't wait until you get to the window.

Why do drive thru ATM machines have braille?

i've always wondered that too!! its not like they can drive up to the machine. ha ha.