Drive-Thru Ideas?

Answer Most people are familiar with drive-thru coffee at fast-food restaurants and drive-thru ATM banking. The possibilities are endless when you consider all of the services that could be provided to c... Read More »

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Book Drive Ideas?

Book drives are book collecting events, usually lasting a week to a month, that promote literacy and community spirit. They can be put on by schools, churches, nonprofit organizations or any group ... Read More »

Any ideas how to turn my little floppy into a big hard drive?

aah the youth of todayBeing an aging veteran of the IT industry I remeber the days of the 12" floppy, which used to be around long before the 5.24", and the johnny come lately 3.5" floppymind you ... Read More »

Any ideas of how to keep a 6 year old entertained on a very long drive.... (600 miles)?

We drove to Spain a couple of years ago with my 3 boys aged 6, 7 and 11 and I was dreading the journey. We stopped off for a night in France but it did take us almost 2 days to get there! We got th... Read More »

Can any one help me out. ive no space left on my hard drive and its causing loads of problems.any ideas please?

Get rid of what you don't need or purchase an external hard drive if you cannot put any more into your unit.