Drinks that has twice as much alcohol as others?

Answer Anything straight up. Ex: vodka on the rocks.

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Why cant i handle drugs or alcohol that much while others can?

Maybe your guardian angel is screaming, PLEASE STOP DOING DRUGS! Nothing good comes from drugs, you get high, you forget, you regret, you get in trouble, you go to jail. Please stop.

Any ideas for hot drinks that don't involve tea, coffee, or alcohol?

Hot water, hot cocoa or hot broth..Wishing You Well Hot Chocolate2 TBSP cocoa1 ½ tsp corn syrupDash of salt¾ cup boiling waterMilkMix cocoa , corn syrup and salt in a mug or cup; ... Read More »

I need to know what kind of alcohol to put in the summer drinks that I'm making this afternoon.?

Archers or malibu. Something sweet (Y) or a gin if you want to make it drier?

"Would you think that someone who drinks mouthwash, even only once, for the alcohol content had a problem..?

If purely for the alcohol content then yes...I think the have some issues.I drank it once...I had a severely inflamed throat that was so painful that I could not eat and barely drank for about 4 da... Read More »