Drinks You Need to Know to Be a Bartender?

Answer Whether you're working in a college bar or at an upscale restaurant, some cocktails are absolutely essential to have in your repertoire. You'll want to know how to mix classic cocktails that have e... Read More »

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What You Need to Know to Become a Bartender?

Bartending is no simple profession. Sure, it seems that any guy who can mix a few cocktails can make it as a bartender, but the truth is that bartenders have a lot of expectations from both their e... Read More »

I need to know what kind of alcohol to put in the summer drinks that I'm making this afternoon.?

Archers or malibu. Something sweet (Y) or a gin if you want to make it drier?

Do you need to go to school to become a bartender?

You do not need any formal training to become a bartender, according to Although attending a bartending school teaches you the basics of the industry, whether you attend or not... Read More »

Do you need a license to be a bartender in Indiana?

Indiana state law mandates that all alcohol sellers, servers and bartenders receive an alcohol server certification. The course covers the required information in Indiana of selling and serving of ... Read More »