Drinking water before a pregannacy test?

Answer not a good needs to settle in your system....the best time to take one, for this reason, is right when you wake up

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Is drinking coffee a good idea before a test?

Drinking one or two cups of coffee will make you more alert, I personally drink it to help me write. However, it is also a diuretic, which means it will pull water out of your system and make you u... Read More »

How to Test Water From a Drinking Fountain?

Drinking water quality is an issue that plagues public institutions, homes and the workplace alike. Water fountains can breed monumental amounts of bacteria, making toilet water look appealing in c... Read More »

How long before drinking-water-related spots will go away?

Can drinking alot of water clean out your system for a drug test?

Your guilty as charged.. might as well take the drug test and get fireddipshit