Drinking sweet drink everyday will affect my life HELP!!!?

Answer does diabetes run in your family? If it does then yes it is possiable.You should attempt to be as healthy as you can.Try making your own tea at home, use half organic sugar and half honey to sweete... Read More »

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Help! I am about to make a decision that will affect my son for the rest of his life!?

I would go to the school and talk to them, they can help you decide if he is really ready for school. And anothe rthing to think about, your children are only that age for so long, pretty soon he ... Read More »

Healthy, sweet drink that's cheap to replace drinking soda?

Well, why don't you make yourself a drink, all natural fruity drink! I'll show you, just Sqeeze out abt ten oranges, 3 lemons and add ginger juice/water to it. Don't add any sugar, refrigerate the ... Read More »

Can drinking an energy drink affect your heart?

Yes, definitely. They're much stronger than need be. Yourheart is warning you, please listen

How does soil help us in everyday life?

Soil helps us, because we eat, and you practically need soil in order to eat (: Thanks!