Drinking soda for summer then stopping.?

Answer A lot of sugar does not cause diabetes. Genetics and obesity are the two major contributing factors. That being said, too much soda is not good for you for several reasons: acid content erodes the ... Read More »

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How to quit drinking soda?

How do I stop drinking soda?

Just stop drinking or find a therapist. That's all I can say... Doesn't help, then I don't know then

How to Build a Soda Drinking Hat?

soda drinking hatYou never know when having your very own soda drinking hat will come in handy. Here is how you can make one.

Drinking soda that bad?

The main problem with soda is it has corn syrup. If you don't want to drink diet soda, you can buy soda that doesn't have corn syrup. Like sierra mist natural or mountain dew throwback.