Drinking other people's wee...?

Answer If it's on the net, must be true!Honestly, the whole 'alternative medicine' thing leaves me gasping. If it works, it's not alternative, it if don't, it 'aint medicine!New Age - Rhymes with Sewage!

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Can I use other peoples music covers for a YouTube video?

The Wolf is right. THe other answer about "say you don't own it" is absolutely false and ridiculous. If you steal a car and say "I don't own it", when you're caught by the police, is that the end o... Read More »

How do people hack into other peoples' myspaces?

sounds like you want to hack into someones myspace.

How to stop other peoples watch your computer?

Do you mean people looking over your shoulder trying to see what's on your screen? If you hold your computer at a 20 degree angle it might be harder for other people to see. Or you could do like I... Read More »

How do i check my voice mails from other peoples phones!!?

Usually you can call your own number from another person's phone and when your voicemail picks up you will press either * or pound (depending on the carrier). It will then prompt you to enter your ... Read More »