Drinking before going home?

Answer You get out of work at 8, so calculating one drink per hour, let's see: 8 (1 drink) 9 (1 drink) 10 (1 drink) 11 (1 drink) 12 (1 drink) 1 (go home) That would work, but if you do this: 8 (2 drinks) ... Read More »

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Drinking in a parked car At home.?

I think you will discover it is an offence since you are, in effect, in charge of a motor vehicle. You don't have to be driving and the police will have no interest in where the keys are as you had... Read More »

When you're home and/or away what's your favorite hat (Party Hat, Thinking Hat, Drinking Hat)?

Party Hat with bunny ears.Worship the bunny.

I came home drunk last night and fought with my parents... Should I stop drinking?

No, do not stop. Making a drunken fool of yourself is amusing to your parents. Keep chugging, my drunken friend!

If I know a girl is sitting at home alone drinking Schlitz, am I automatically obliged to share my?

really? you even have to ask? what kind of friend are you? i just got finished with my 14th trip to the bathroom...and i've only had five 40 ozs there a reason you have been wasting al... Read More »