Drinking a glass of milk...More dangerous than second hand smoking?

Answer the taqbacco company was just trying to say that and lie to make it sound like it doesn't hurt you at all, I saw that commercial too.

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Is smoking really dangerous?

On One Hand: Smoking DangersAccording to the American Cancer Society, the surgeon general released a statement that smoking is the major single cause of cancer deaths in 1982, and this is still tru... Read More »

Is smoking more dangerous?

MUCH more dangerous. Kids that start at your age tend to become lifetime addicts, which is when tobacco kills best. Get out while you still can.

Is drinking your own urine dangerous?

hello this was the best joke of the time i've been in the uk.know what it is good for helth if you have cow's urine not human urine,and you know what its a very good plane you have there for the ma... Read More »

Is smoking nutmeg dangerous?

On One Hand: It Will Get You HighMany people have smoked nutmeg in the same way they would smoke marijuana. Although nutmeg is a legal substance, it provides hallucinogenic and sense-dulling effect... Read More »