Drinking a glass of milk...More dangerous than second hand smoking?

Answer the taqbacco company was just trying to say that and lie to make it sound like it doesn't hurt you at all, I saw that commercial too.

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Second-Hand smoking true?

the only ppl who get deathly ill from secondhand smoke are those that have worked in smokey clubs, taking in the smoke of hundreds of ppl, day in day out, for years.

Can you get high from second hand weed smoking?

Some people in groups which smoke weed do a hot box - meaning smoke it in the car with the windows up, area with low air flow, or in a small room with the doors and windows closed, etc. The purpose... Read More »

Is smoking worse than drinking?

On One Hand: Smoking RisksThe Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that smokers are at increased risk of developing serious health complications, such as cancer, strokes and coronary a... Read More »

Will second hand marijuna smoking show up on a drug test?