Drinkers answer this as true as possible please?

Answer To relieve stress, to help me sleep, to numb the pain, to make me feel better.Enough excuses??! S wishing it was A lol

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Do You Think This Is True Please Answer!!! Please?

XD that is SO totally true!!! We girls need to check EVERY thing out, and guys just don't give a damn. lol.

Is this true Please Answer!!?

Using logic, it doesn't seem likely.Who would ruin their pillow with bright blue Crest?

Girls you're gonna have a blast with this one! I need as many answer as possible. Please help out?

Make him wear makeup, a bra, thongs, and stiletto heels. And do plenty of oogling and groping in those places where females get it most. And be sure he washes floors, toilet, sink, cook dinner and ... Read More »

Please please pleas answer! I need as many answers as possible!!!!!?

Start picking out what and what not to take to the new house. Start doing some summer cleaning .