Drinkers 21 and over, i need something new!?

Answer get yourself some Georgia moon corn liquor.You wont be sorry

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Who would win in a war between tea drinkers and coffee drinkers?

Tea of course, it got us through the war didn't it??

Tea Drinkers!!!...everywhere...?

cross contamination of this sort is can this tea pollution be stopped??? it bugs me so much!!!

Ok drinkers! when you go out to a pub are you annoyed by?

Worst is darts nights. If you dare speak you are shushed by a load of beer bellied freaks throwing spears.

Gifts for Tea Drinkers?

Tea gifts can help those with a passion for the beverage further their knowledge of the subject as well as increase their enjoyment of drinking it. If you know someone who loves tea, gifts from boo... Read More »