Driniking ragi java at bed time is good or not?

Answer It is good for health because it provide calorie,protein, sodium and calcium. If you drink at bed time instant of milk that is good choice for you. It make body fit and all nutrition is available ... Read More »

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Java GUI compiler time error?

Remove this linesouthPanel.add(southPanel);you are trying to add southPanel to itself.Have fun.

Java: Quickly print current time?

You have a few options. 1. The built-in java.util.Date class's zero-argument constructor creates a Date object representing the current time.2. The System.currentTimeMillis() method returns the sys... Read More »

How to Use Java Script to Add Time to Your Web Page?

JavaScript is a programming language that extends a browser's default functionality. Although it can't open or save documents to your hard drive (for security reasons), it can create graphics, disp... Read More »

How to prepare myself to get a good job in it industries based on java !?

For both Java and C# you can get certified by Oracle and Microsoft. In that way you will learn directly from the pros. I would recommend you sticking to a particular language because as you learn m... Read More »