Dress to wear to a formal?

Answer (tight and poofy) Read More »

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Should you wear pantyhose with a dress for a formal dinner?

On One Hand: It's Only ProperMany women believe that you should wear pantyhose with a dress to a formal dinner. For generations women have been donning pantyhose, especially in the colder months of... Read More »

What makeup to wear with a purple formal dress?

Wow thats a beautiful dress. I would say, start with a light brown,shimmery eye shadow and pack this onto you're eyelid. Build up a dark purple into the crease of you're eyelid and then apply a thi... Read More »

How to Dress Chic in Maternity Formal Wear?

Some pregnant women enjoy the glow and swell of their bodies and others report feeling fat, tired and similar to a science experiment. One of the biggest adjustments for a pregnant woman is wearing... Read More »

Formal metal dress watch for casual wear?

It's up to you what to wear. Much of it depends on how much you want to spend and do you want to wear an analog or digital watch. Timex makes nice digital watches for about 30 bucks, they would go ... Read More »