Dremel Micro Lathe Projects?

Answer A Dremel Micro Lathe attachment is a real lathe, with real capabilities. Mount a variable speed Dremel Moto Tool to it and you'll have a functioning lathe. Because of its scale, parts that are too ... Read More »

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Dremel Art Projects?

Dremel is a brand of high-speed rotary tool available with multiple accessory bits designed for specific functions. A Dremel is powerful enough to engrave, polish, grind and drill materials, includ... Read More »

Lathe Hobby Projects?

The wood lathe is one of the oldest mechanized tools. As opposed to carving around a piece of wood stock, the lathe turns the wood so the cutting tool remains in one place. Variable speeds turn dif... Read More »

Metal Lathe School Projects?

High schools that offer shop classes have the ability to teach students how to use the metal lathe. Lathes can be used to precisely machine, or cut away, bits of strong, durable materials, such as ... Read More »

Metal Lathe Turning Projects?

Spinning metal to create a craft allows you to construct many useful items, ranging from entertaining oddities to practical elements in a larger project. By spinning the metal at a high rate, the l... Read More »