Dremel 300 Specifications?

Answer The Dremel 300 can do everything from carving pumpkins and grooming nails to polishing knives. With over 150 available accessories, this one device can do it all: sharpen tools; drill, shape, and ... Read More »

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What is a Dremel used for?

Dremel rotary tools are used for sawing, finishing, sanding, polishing, cleaning, engraving, grinding and drilling, among other uses. Dremel oscillating tools are used for cutting, grinding, sandin... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Dremel 761?

The Dremel® is a handheld high-speed rotary tool that comes in a wide variety of styles and with an array of accessories. The Dremel® 761 is specifically designed to safely and efficiently trim... Read More »

Can you use a dremel to cut stencils?

You can use a Dremel to create stencils from many different materials including wood, plastic, metal and vinyl. Draw the pattern on your stencil material and cut it out with a Dremel cutting blade.... Read More »

How do I engrave with a Dremel?

SetupSelect an appropriate size diamond-tipped Dremel bit for the work you are planning to do. Attach a flex shaft to the Dremel to give yourself more maneuverability while working.PlanningPlan out... Read More »