Dreadlock History?

Answer Spanning centuries, the dreadlock hairstyle has historical, religious and fashion-oriented significance. Does this Spark an idea?

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How to Add Dreadlock Extensions?

Dreadlock extensions are a versatile way to get an new look instantly. You can choose to use the extensions to start new permanent dreadlocks, or just for a temporary look. The dreadlocks can be ma... Read More »

How to Undo a Dreadlock?

Removing dreadlocks--especially if they've been part of your mane for a while--can be challenging if you intend to save most of your hair. You could cut your dreadlocks down to the scalp and grow n... Read More »

How to Untangle a Dreadlock?

Creating dreadlocks is a time-intensive project, and dreadlocks often stay in for years. Sometimes, though, a new job or other life change means that it's time for a new look. Untangling dreadlocks... Read More »

How to Fix a Broken Dreadlock?

A dreadlock can wind up breaking for several reasons. Your dreadlock may have a weak spot that became weaker as your hair continued to grow, or you may have started your locks in extremely thin sec... Read More »