Drawbacks of Overclocking a Graphics Card?

Answer If you want to get more performance from your graphics card, you can overclock it to achieve higher speeds. Overclocking is popular with some computer owners because it allows you to get the same p... Read More »

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Overclocking Graphics Card help?

I do not know off hand how to do it, or if you even can. I do know that graphics processors run hot normally, so if you are going to overclock you must first insure you can keep it cool. There ar... Read More »

What is overclocking a graphics card?

Overclocking is the procedure of heightening the clock rate of a computer component by more than its usual specifications. It is usually done by gamers who want to increase their computer's perform... Read More »

If a 1.5 GB Graphics card performs identically to a 3GB Graphics card, why is the 3GB $200 more expensive?

For the same reason that HP charges $120.00 for 8g of ram when configuring a computer on their website. - (Newegg price for 8g - approx $40.00) - If they charge it, sheeple will pay...

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using an ATM Card?

The automated teller machine (ATM) card has become nearly as common as cash for transactions across all areas of business. The ATM card has made processing financial transactions smoother and more ... Read More »