Drank too much bicarb of soda for cystitis flare up?

Answer You sound like you do exactly what I do when I am in desperate discomfort--there's no worse misery than stomach issues--I did something similar with betaine hcl and had to suffer for 3 days. Anywa... Read More »

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Does sprinkling bicarb of soda on a carpet get rid of any smells?

Yes - it's a good, and inexpensive, first thing to try.Sprinkle a thin coating, leave it alone for a few hours, then vacuum.

How to Treat Cystitis With Bicarbonate of Soda?

Cystitis is a condition that inflammation of the bladder. Cystitis is often compared to urinary tract infections because a bacterial infection can cause the bladder inflammation. A bad reaction to ... Read More »

Just drank soda what will happen to me?

No, you will be perfectly fine. Everything is fine in moderation.

Have you ever drank soda for breakfast in the morning?