Drank coffee can't sleep?

Answer A few options for you, some people report these work, others seem to be immune. It's worth a shot! I've tried the milk and sandwich before and it works for me.- Big glass of milk - A turkey sandwic... Read More »

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So I drank way too much coffee?

sometimes the feeling of puking,maybe the same feeling of a heartburn from too much coffee,heartburn meaning the tingling sensation of a throbbing heart rate,but one must understand how much caffei... Read More »

Drank 9 cups of coffee, is this too much?

Hello! No, you cannot die from that, but be careful because if you keep drinking your blood pressure can escalate and possibly cause a heart attack or palpitations. 9 cups of coffee is a lot yeah.... Read More »

What would happen to you if you only drank coffee?

Coffee, if consumed too much, could cause dehydration and if you do that in the long run, you will die

I drank a big cup of coffee and now I can't stop burping. Help!?