Downloads From iTunes Are Slow on Windows 7?

Answer If your purchased content downloads at a slow rate from iTunes there may be an issue with your Internet connection rather than the iTunes program. The speed of your modem determines how fast songs,... Read More »

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How do you remove failed downloads from an iPhone 4 That is to say I tried to download a ringtone and it had an error but when I retry it from the iTune downloads menu it still can't download?

How to Fix Slow Computer Downloads?

The Internet was established in 1985 to support a small community of people looking for daily computer communications, according to the Internet Society. Since then, the speed of Internet connectio... Read More »

AVG antivirus/link scanner: can't delete from Windows 7 have tried all the downloads / uninstall thingsHELP!!!?

Try this download Revo Uninstaller pro free trial version for 30 days and run force uninstaller.If you are using Mozilla Firefox watch this short video from the link below.Good luck.http://www.revo... Read More »

Slow downloads due to broken undersea cables?

Yes, the news report I saw said that it would take a week to fix it. I am in Africa and did notice some problems.