Downloads From iTunes Are Slow on Windows 7?

Answer If your purchased content downloads at a slow rate from iTunes there may be an issue with your Internet connection rather than the iTunes program. The speed of your modem determines how fast songs,... Read More »

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How to Fix Slow Computer Downloads?

The Internet was established in 1985 to support a small community of people looking for daily computer communications, according to the Internet Society. Since then, the speed of Internet connectio... Read More »

Slow downloads due to broken undersea cables?

Yes, the news report I saw said that it would take a week to fix it. I am in Africa and did notice some problems.

How do you get BBC iplayer downloads into iTunes?

you cant as its a copyright company and if you were to hack into the folders that's your only chance, email me for more help, strange

How do I delete iTunes downloads?

you go the download & click it. then press the "delete" button.