Downloading movies from internet...Is it legal?

Answer Dont Worry Yaar,Downloading Movies Is Totally LEGAL...Download Whatever U wat Bindass....Dnldng Movies Is As Similar To Dnldng Songs...Arrey Jab Songs Dnld. Is Legal Then Y not Movis....It is A big... Read More »

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Is downloading movies legal?

Downloading movies is not legal. If the movie is protected by a current copyright (and you'd have a hard time finding one that isn't), it is illegal for anyone to make a copy of the movie without t... Read More »

Is downloading music from LimeWire legal?

Downloading music using the Limewire file-sharing program is not legal unless the creator of the music has given permission for free distribution of the music; the majority of popular music is ille... Read More »

Is downloading songs from limewire legal?

There are no sites (Limewire included) where you can download copyrighted material and remain legal. It is outright theft. You don't have a high risk of being caught and prosecuted because of the s... Read More »

Is downloading music from WinMX legal?

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) successfully lobbied to have WinMX shut down and cease its regular operations in September 2005. An unofficial version of the freeware is still ... Read More »