Downloading 3.94gbs on my computor make it slow?

Answer Downloading and installing around 4-GB on a computer's drive, which still has 170-GB of available free space, will not cause it to be any slower when running applications. It will only be slow dur... Read More »

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Im thinking of downloading limwire but I heard it has so many viruses and it will make your computer slow?

No there are other options besides Limwire. Everyone I know that has it has a really slow computer.

BBC iPlayer- very slow when downloading?

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Slow with downloading torrents?

What torrent program are you using? For Utorrent I went to youtube and there was a step by step video guide on what need to be tweaked. It very easy video to follow and now my torrent downloading ... Read More »

Does downloading from slow down the computer?

Hi,Anything that you are downloading is technically going to slow down the pc as it is running a task to do so.I wouldn't have thought that it would be that noticeable, may be more so if you are pl... Read More »