Downloaded vista now speakers are distorted?

Answer The device drivers are missing for your sound card for starters. If you "had someone install windows vista" and you knew that it was a pirated version (because you didn't pay for Vista), then you ... Read More »

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How to Fix My Blurry & Distorted Laptop?

When a laptop screen gets blurry and distorted, there are two possibilities as to its failure: software problems or hardware problems. A software problem would be corrupted graphics software or a v... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a JBL PC Speaker for Distorted Sound?

JBL computer speakers attach to your computer via the audio output jack and provide better sound quality than the internal computer speaker. Most JBL computer speaker systems are active or self-pow... Read More »

Acer Monitor Distorted and off screen?

Yet another question about Acer Brand Monitors,....I'm not being rude,'s just that they aren't very good,...and other people on this Site have been having you're same problem. ;(http://uk.answe... Read More »

Canon T2i Mic Input Always Distorted?

Hmmmm, you get two channels of audio mixed into one signal? Hmmmmm. Yes, that would be a real pain alright. I would think, as you probably did, that the line in would kill the on board mike.Abo... Read More »