Downloaded dvd players but cant get pc to play a dvd.?

Answer divx downoad it

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Do downloaded avi movies play on dvd players?

Some DVD players on the market today come with DiVX and Xvid technology that allows the user to play AVI file format video files on the DVD player. AVI files cannot be played without a DiVX or Xvid... Read More »

How do I play downloaded games on a PSP?

Connect to ComputerConnect your PSP to a computer via a USB cable and put the PSP into USB mode by selection "USB Connection" from the PSP's Xross Media Bar.Copy Games to PSPCopy the downloaded gam... Read More »

What firmware is needed to play downloaded psp games?

Firmware for the Sony PSP is a type of system upgrade that introduces the latest patches and features. While firmware is needed to operate the PSP, illegally downloaded games will not work on firmw... Read More »

How to Play Downloaded Movies on a Toshiba Laptop?

Toshiba is a popular manufacturer of electronics equipment, including laptop computers. Toshiba laptops come complete with Windows operating systems. All Windows operating systems include Windows M... Read More »