Download velocity/Velocidad de descarga?

Answer Hola Panchita!Esta es una pregunta muy facil de responder y mas facil aun de entender! La velocidad de descarga No 1 depende de la velocidad que tienes contratada con tu proveedor de INTERNENT esta... Read More »

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My internet connection has a max download speed of 5 mbps why can I only download files at 400kbps?

Well if your downloading via peer2peer, such as limewire, ares, morpheus, or any torrents, its not going to go that fast, because your actually downloading from another persons computer and they pr... Read More »

You want to free download Panditji Batai Na Biyaah Kab Hoi film songs download?

HOW CAN I FIX THIS>>>> If IE indicates your download has been blocked, permit the download by clicking on its?

Simply click download.. and ti should download!

How long will it take to download 800mb with 70mbps download speed?

OK, the first thing you need to know is there is a difference between MB and Mb. You need to be careful with the notation or it's easy to get confused. The capital B = Bytes. The lower case b = bit... Read More »