Download speed suddenly went down?

Answer There are multiple reasons that could cause an unexpected slow-down of internet speed.Possible problems:1. If you just started up your computer, it may be because your operating system (ex. Windows... Read More »

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My download speed suddenly slow?

Hey!If you are having problem with your internet connection and it has recently went down drastically, I suggest you to contact your internet provider. Something is slowing down your internet and o... Read More »

Good download speed, but weak upload speed on cable modem?

What is the expected upload speed of the plan that you are paying for?Most broadband Internet services including fiber, cable, ADSL and satellite are asymmetric. which just means that more of the b... Read More »

Is internet upload speed or download speed more important for gaming?

They are equally important. There is something called ping and that is how fast your computer can send information to the game server and receive it back. You can google more about it and check you... Read More »

My internet connection has a max download speed of 5 mbps why can I only download files at 400kbps?

Well if your downloading via peer2peer, such as limewire, ares, morpheus, or any torrents, its not going to go that fast, because your actually downloading from another persons computer and they pr... Read More »