Download speed suddenly went down?

Answer There are multiple reasons that could cause an unexpected slow-down of internet speed.Possible problems:1. If you just started up your computer, it may be because your operating system (ex. Windows... Read More »

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My download speed suddenly slow?

Hey!If you are having problem with your internet connection and it has recently went down drastically, I suggest you to contact your internet provider. Something is slowing down your internet and o... Read More »

I suddenly went deaf in my left ear...?

yes, water in your ear, mixing with ear wax. It will clear, lay down with bad ear on pillow to let it drain.

My laptop screen suddenly went dark?

Maybe a virus, it could have blocked your Wi-Fi and made the screen dark. But I don't see how that helps the person who made the virus, unless they just want to annoy you.Try one or all of these s... Read More »

Computer screen suddenly went black and won't turn on?

Is you computer a laptop or desktop?If desktop, check the connections on the tower for not being loose. I had this problem on one of my older computers and mine was a bad video card, replaced and w... Read More »