Down Vs. Wool for Warmth in Coats?

Answer Wool and down are common materials for creating warm winter coats. Both are completely natural, wool being the product of shearing the fleece from sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas, while the term "... Read More »

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Eco-Friendly Wool Coats for Men?

Eco-friendly wool coats for men are wool coats made from recycled wool or from wool from farms that treat animals ethically. Eco-friendly wool coats do not have any chemical treatments, such as bor... Read More »

Can you wash wool coats?

You can hand-wash wool coats in cool water with a gentle detergent. Or you can wash the coat in your machine on the gentle cycle with cold water. Place the coat inside a pillow case, tie off the to... Read More »

How to Get Lint & Hair Off of Wool Coats?

When it's cold outside, you rely on your wool coat to keep you warm every time you venture out into the elements. Your coat is bound to get dirty after all this use, so it's important to take good ... Read More »

How do I clean wool coats without dry cleaning?

Use Mild DetergentUse a mild detergent when washing your wool items in the washing machine. Wool is a delicate fabric. Do not use bleach with wool items. Bleach disintegrates the wool's fiber and w... Read More »