Double Edge Razor Problems?

Answer When a man stumbles into the bathroom in the morning half awake, the last thing he needs to worry about is whether his razor is going to be safe and work right. Double-edge razors have a lot of adv... Read More »

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How to Shave with a Double-Edge Razor?

Double-edge safety razors feature a single blade and a reusable "T" handle that resembles the shape of cartridge-type, multiblade shavers available on the market today. Double-edge razors are typic... Read More »

Why Use a Double Edge Safety Razor?

With the ever-rising cost of multiple-blade razors, you may be considering "going retro" with a double-edged safety razor. The benefits of making the switch are plentiful. Does this... Read More »

What Are the Numbers on the Double Edge Razor for?

The numbers on a double edge razor have varying significance depending on their placement. These numbers typically refer to the year that the razor was manufactured, model name, patent number or th... Read More »

When was the double edge razor invented?

The double-edge razor was invented by King Camp Gillette (the founder of the Gillette company) and first introduced to the public in 1903. The model was extremely popular, and it launched Gillette'... Read More »