Dose love exsit?

Answer The Question is whether your Question fits inProgramming and Design?Anyways Programatic reply to your Question is:#include #include#includevoid main(){ bool bDoesLoveExist = true; while ... Read More »

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Dose love hurt?

Earthly love.....of course it hurts Iam going through the hurt of it now. But the love god has for you will never hurt,

Dose rouge the bat love sonic?

Rouge flirted with Sonic in some games. Nobody realy knows what she feels about Sonic.

If you could make it where 1 band didn't exsit, which one would you pick?

Dose anybody knows Nathan Kress real cell phone umber and dose he have a iphone?

Don't tell anyone else and delete this question so nobody else calls it. His number is 209-208-3227 and he does *not* have an iPhone.