Dose it hurt to break your toe?

Answer If you break any bone, including the toe, it hurts immensely. Think about how much jamming your toe hurts. Now think of pain 3 times as painful as that and the pain just remains at that intensity a... Read More »

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Dose getting your tongue pierced hurt?

~my guess would be YES~think about when u bite that big ole muscle in your mouth. makes my eyes water!~

Does it hurt when you break your finger?

sometimes it can hurt but if it doesn't hurt than you were lucky because your finger might have been numbed somehow. But it usually hurts but sometimes it only hurts a little bit but only if your l... Read More »

Why dose my tummy hurt?

Dose love hurt?

Earthly love.....of course it hurts Iam going through the hurt of it now. But the love god has for you will never hurt,