Dose getting your tongue pierced hurt?

Answer ~my guess would be YES~think about when u bite that big ole muscle in your mouth. makes my eyes water!~

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Does getting your tongue pierced hurt?

As you can tell from some of the answers here, it just depends. Some people say it's painful as all get out, whereas mine had a second-long sting and that was it. My cartilage piercing hurt way wor... Read More »

Can I get my tongue pierced?

I'm no doctor, but I'm positive that you'll be fine.

Can someone tell me everything that has to be done for you to get your tongue pierced?

Every piercer is different. What mine did was, made me wash my mouth out, dried my tongue with a tissue, clamped it, and pierced it. It's a pretty simple and fast process. Watch some videos on YouT... Read More »

Should i get my tongue pierced?

Well, firstly, do you want it? Or is it because you are trying to outdo your friends with other piercings? Just make sure you want it. If you do - bear in mind it does hurt to get done and your ton... Read More »