Dose anyone know any home remedies for extremely painful ear infections?

Answer 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 white vinegar.Gently douche the infected ear 2-3x's a day.

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Anyone know any home remedies?

I used to breakout in acne due to oily skin myself.Genetic and Stress can affect hormones and can theoretically promote acne.Here are some home remedies that can help but do not mix them together.1... Read More »

Anyone know of home remedies for ear infection/ear ache?

You probably have Otitis or "swimmer's ear" - you need an anti-bacterial prescription from a doctor.

Anyone know any Home Remedies for Sore Throat?

Tea With Lemon And Honey Is The Only One I Know...And Am Personally Using Cause I Got A Mean Cough And Sore Throat. Chamomille Tea Is The Best.....You Can Add A Envelope Of Thera-Flu To It. Will He... Read More »

Is anyone aware of any alternatives to "Midol" as an aid to an extremely painful Menstrual Cycle?

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