Dose anybody know if it is wrong to give your phone # on the net?

Answer I wouldn't advise it. Next thing you know, you got a 75 year old pedaphile breaking in your house!

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Dose anybody knows Nathan Kress real cell phone umber and dose he have a iphone?

Don't tell anyone else and delete this question so nobody else calls it. His number is 209-208-3227 and he does *not* have an iPhone.

Dose anybody know of any yummy vegetarian recipes?

This site offers a free vegetarian book that has over 400 easy and delicious recipes, weekly and monthly meal plans. They will also provide the support and guidance to help you maintaining a health... Read More »

Dose anybody know whats the best music download sites.other than kazza?

limewire is the safest and the best site,go to… download the installer i used to be a bit paranoid about using filesharing programs but i have foun... Read More »

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