Doorway Curtain Ideas?

Answer In most houses, a doorway is either open or shut, but curtains provide a number of other intriguing possibilities. Using curtains, you can control the boundaries between rooms with a subtlety not a... Read More »

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How to Make a Beaded Doorway Curtain?

Beaded doorway curtains have been used in place of traditional doors for years and are still enjoyed today by many people. Beads can be made of glass, plastic, metal and even wood. Most craft shops... Read More »

I have a room without a door but i want to put something to doorway, an ideas I thought beads...please help?

Net Curtain Ideas?

Like sheer curtains, net panels let light shine through and give a dreamy or whimsical dimension to any room you put them in. Often they are less expensive than other types of window treatments, wh... Read More »

DIY Curtain Ideas?

Curtains are doubly important to a room's decor. The design of a curtain adds to the feel of a room, but the job of a curtain is to control how much natural light is able to enter a room, which aff... Read More »