Door Installation Instructions?

Answer By using pre-hung doors and learning the steps to follow before beginning you can install your own door. First you will need to measure the opening. Measure inside to inside of the side framing stu... Read More »

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Power Door Lock Installation Instructions?

Power door locks consist of a control switch, locking door latch and an electric control solenoid. The control switch is energized by an electrical impulse which forces the control solenoid to push... Read More »

Briton Door Closer Installation Instructions?

Automatic door closers, such as those made by Briton, are used at many types of businesses, such as restaurants and retail stores. An automatic door closer ensures that a door shuts completely. You... Read More »

Installation Instructions for a Closet Sliding Door?

Replacing old sliding doors and installing new doors is one way to update the look of your bedroom and still utilize space effectively. Measure your old doors and purchase doors of the same size, a... Read More »

DIY Door Frame Installation?

The wood frame around your door seals off and hides the joint between the door jamb (the flat span of wood that faces inward toward the door opening) and the wall. There are many ways to frame a do... Read More »