Don't you think that Windows should have their own free Anti-Virus?

Answer It would be a good idea...and actually be quite beneficial considering how much we use Microsoft (Excel, Vista and Office)

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Best anti-virus for windows 7 that is free?

I'm throwing another vote in for Avast's free version. It works better than the paid Norton, McAfee, and most of the more common name brand anti-viruses that you see in your local Best Buy. It's al... Read More »

Best free anti virus software for windows xp?

Sounds more like you have something running in the background hogging the CPU.But to answer your question - I prefer CyberDefender. It provides both AntiVirus and Spyware services and has detecte... Read More »

Does AVG free anti virus detect Windows Defender as a trojan?

It's just a conflict. No need to remove anything that is Microsoft certified.It will happen to any other anti-virus program like Norton, McAfee, avast and so on. It's just business nothing personal... Read More »

Is there a totally free anti-virus program download for Windows 2000?

Download AVG free edition from It wont reduce ur pc's processing speed. For free online scan, visit (Microsoft) and run a "Full Service Scan". This will keep ... Read More »