Don't you think restaurants should also have a "No Children" section?

Answer Actually, no I don't think there should be a "No Children" section of restaurants in general, as parents need to be allowed to teach their children how to behave in a public setting. That being sa... Read More »

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Chain restaurants that dont serve alcohol?

restaurants like Home Town Buffet, Ryan's, Most any Restaurant that promotes a family atmosphere

What if the children dont want to go to their dads?

My parents got divorced and i NEVER want to go to my dads but if i didn't my sis will get lonely so i go

Is parasagittal section is a section that is perpendicular to a sagittal section?

The sagittal plane is a vertical plane through the longitudinal axis dividing the body into left and right portions. If the animal is bisected straight down the midline, the section is called a "mi... Read More »

Can a relative on section 8 live in your rental How Can you rent your Property through section 8 How can your rental house be classified section 8?