Don't you think bottled water is too high?

Answer buying bottled over here is too high priced as well, but tap-water tastes so mucky to me so to buy the really good stuff like evian is my preference but that is even dearer. trouble is I am suppose... Read More »

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Do you think Fiji water tastes better than regular bottled water?

personally, i think it does. i can't describe it but it just tastes cleaner or something.

Do you think you can tell the difference between tap water and bottled water?

This is a great question! A year or so ago (maybe a bit longer) Dateline or 20/20 did a big special about this...people swore they would be able to tell the difference. So the show put, like, 5 dif... Read More »

Does anyone think Fiji Water tastes any different from other bottled waters?

yea it tastes much more cleaner to me. And I've tried several different water brands.

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